battery 26650
battery 26650

battery 26650

ca. 3-6 days ca. 3-6 days (abroad may vary)
0.1 kg per pieces
25,00 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

This product is similar to:

used lamp Maxi uni, only torch
- including torch Maxi uni used but good condition
- optional LED module
- optional battery
- optional charger
- optional protection ring in different colour
- dimming optional
105,00 EUR
Maxi uni basic special edition
delivery volume :
torch Maxi uni
LED module special edition
battery holder for 3 x AAA batteries, 3 x AAA alkaline batteries

Not included charger, battery, tools

from 190,00 EUR
lampset 1 Maxi uni + LED module like your choise with 1 piece rechargable battery
- including torch Maxi uni
- LED like your choise ( choose your LED Module, automaticly add to setprice )
- including 1 pieces battery type 26650 / 21700
- including charger
- including assemble tool to open the torch much more easier
- including protection ring for light head ( different colour optional )
- including hand strap
- including transport bag
- dimming optional
- burningtime 3 times longer optional
from 310,00 EUR

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Service-Kit for Maxi uni
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