TillyTec Goodman hard triple

The new Goodman hard triple from TillyTec now it is possible to use 3 pcs TillyTec Mini uni
or 2 pcs Mini uni and 1 pcs Maxi uni and you can use video beam and spot beam together.
You can get 100 000 Lux light power or more and up to 18 hour burningtime it depends from combination.

Please take a look under "tools" ....


TillyTec is closed for cristmas

Orders are always possible. Please pay after the 02.01.2019. After 02.01.2019 the orders are processed and delivered.


TillyTec burningtime 3 times longer

The new short bigger battery tube is online. The total length of Maxi uni is only 2.5 cm longer but burningtime is 3 times longer. If you use for example LED module 3600-50000-15 than the burningtime is with standard battery tube 90 min and with short bigger battery tube 270 min.


TillyTec dives for you until 09.08.2018

Orders are always possible. Please pay after the 10.08.2018. Then the orders are processed and delivered. We are out of office until 09.08.2018 for testing the new LED modules. Be excited - it will be BRIGHT. Thank you for your understanding.


TillyTec MINI uni --- not only a backup

The new TillyTec Mini uni use the worldwide known P60 dropin LED module. The user can change the LED module in seconds without any tools.
How easy it is to change the LED module take a look here please Maxi uni change LED module
You can use many other of this LED module so it is maybe a video light or UV light or blue/red/green light whatever you want to have.
TillyTec Mini uni can be used with 3 x AAA battery or NiMh or 1 x 18650 or 1 x 21700


THIS only is possible with MAXI uni from TillyTec ..

An exciting video - this can only do our MAXI uni ... The MAXI uni works in every situation. Look ! But it should only remain with looking .....

Here is the link to our Youtube - channel :

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Final solution of the Goodman hard !!!

Now it is solved - the final solution for the Goodman hard.
The small MAXI uni can now be fixed strong to the Goodman hard without slipping.
For this purpose the torch will easily inserted into the sheet of the Goodman hard.
The diver can move the clip on sheet of the Goodman hard very comfortable.
Then just tighten the lower four rounded screws and nothing can slip.
This also makes switching on and off, as well as switching to the dimming step much easier and works so perfectly!

As usual, the handle can also be adapted to the hand height by using of screws.

We find a successful solution!


IMPORTANT !!!! BE CAREFULL !!!!! For charger you bought between end of January until end of February 2017 !

We would like to give further the information of our supplier of chargers.
It is very IMPORTANT !
This concern chargers, which were sold in the period from the end of January 2017 to the end of February 2017.

Here is the text of the producer :
"... The chargers have an approx. 80cm long black power cable.
The power cable is labeled with: ◁ VDE ◁ ◁ öVE ▷ KEMA-KEUR
It has on one side a double socket "C7" for plugging into the charger, as well as plugging into the socket and opposite a Euro plug "CEE 7/16". This plug must have a 10mm long black plastic insulation at the two plug-in contacts with which it is plugged into the socket. However, this is unfortunately not the case with all cables delivered by us.

We therefore ask you to measure the length of the two protective insulators of Eurostecker. If this is less than 10mm, the mains cable can not be used from now on!
An explanatory picture is attached to this email .... "

It concerns only chargers of the company Fenix ARE-C1 !

Please contact us in this case !


new TillyTec Backup MINI uni

The newly designed Mini uni is based on the "P60 Drop In" LED modules used worldwide. This "P60 Drop In" is available in a lot of varieties. The user can change the LED modules in seconds without any tools.

There are more than 500 different possibilities to choose.
The TillyTec Mini uni can be installed in a wide range of applications, such as IR light, UV light, blue light, red light, photolight, video light, various colour temperatures, CRI index, beam angle, various dimming levels and so on – the possibilities of choosing are enormous with the new TillyTec Mini uni.
More details look "products" ....