About Til­ly­Tec

Be­cau­se the­re is a lot of con­fu­si­on about the com­pa­ny Til­ly­Tec, we want gi­ve you so­me de­tai­led in­for­ma­ti­on ....

The na­me of the co­mapny Til­ly­Tec is de­ri­ved from the two words Til­ly, the na­me of the in­ven­tor Til­ly and Tec , which me­ans de­ve­lop­ment and in­no­va­ti­on.

Til­ly is the in­ven­tor, de­ve­l­oper and com­pa­ny foun­der. He is be­hind the sys­tem of the mo­du­lar Til­ly­Tec tor­ches.

Sin­ce the 90th Til­ly has de­ve­l­o­ped and pro­du­ced va­rious di­ving tor­ches.
With the be­gin­ning of 2002 is born the mo­du­lar Til­ly­Tec "MPL - and TT sys­tem" and fur­th­ter de­ve­l­o­ped and co­struc­ted step by step.
An last but not least the­re was the pro­duc­tion of the tor­ches in the own fac­to­ry Til­ly­Tec.
The com­ple­te pro­duc­tion was ma­de in Ger­ma­ny.

Til­ly was one of the first who used with the Til­ly­Tec di­ving lights mo­du­lar di­ving tor­ches with "high per­for­mance LED`s".
Ever­y­bo­dy knows, that the tech­no­lo­gy of the LED mar­ket is de­ve­lo­ping very quick­ly in the past ye­ars and will de­ve­lop in the co­m­ing ye­ars too.
So a LED 15 ye­ars ago was a LED with very poor bright­ness with just 20 lu­mens per watt. To­day we find a high power LED which you can com­pa­re with a 150 watt light bulb.
To­day it is pos­si­ble to use LED`s with cle­ar­ly mo­re than 200 lu­mens per watt. A very quick­ly de­ve­lop­ment in a very short ti­me !

So de­ci­ded Til­ly to think about the pre­vious "MPL - and TT sys­tem" and to de­ve­lop a com­ple­te new mo­du­lar light sys­tem. Par­ti­al­ly es­pe­cial­ly the MPL - sys­tem ca­me to li­mits which it was worth to think over.

The aim was to in­vent and de­ve­lop a com­ple­te new light sys­tem which is very small an com­pact but which is just as good or bet­ter li­ke a big­ger and hea­vier um­bi­li­cal torch in re­la­ti­on to light power and burning ti­me.

Af­ter mo­re than two ye­ars of de­ve­lop­ment Til­ly was suc­cess­ful.....
The new Til­ly­Tec Ma­xi uni is born.

Be­cau­se of that fact that the Ma­xi uni can re­place ALL pre­vious "TT and  MPL - tor­ches" wi­thout any pro­blems in re­la­ti­on to light power and burning ti­me, the "old" sys­tem MPL - and  TT has ser­ved.
Til­ly has de­ci­ded to send the "old"  MPL - and TT - sys­tem in pen­si­on.

GOOD BYE "MPL and TT sys­tem"  ----   WEL­CO­ME " Ma­xi uni "

The new Ma­xi uni - a torch that can do ever­y­thing....
Be fa­sci­na­ted and sur­pri­sed !!!!

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